Marco Facchin

Marco Facchin is a multi-Gold-Award winning musician, composer and producer. He studied organ, harpsichord and composition in Verona, Boston, Amsterdam. While been active as a performer in the international Early Music scene, Marco pursued a parallel career as pop-rock producer and film-music composer. He has performed around the globe, and collaborated with different artists in multiple genres.

As a writer/producer Marco worked with international songwriters and artists (Rich Clark, Axi, Graziano, Manuel Randi) and European rockbands (Frei-wild, Skanners, Down Below). In 2015 he received three Gold-awards in Germany for appearing on following Frei.Wild records: "Opposition", "Feinde deiner Feinde" and the DVD "ILive in Hamburg". In 2014 he had already received a Gold-Award for the Frei.Wild album "Still" (Germany), where he played piano, keyboards and arranged strings and brass. He also followed the band for the 2013 tour, of which two dvds have been released. He produced and wrote many tracks for the recording of the Italian world-jazz group Jazzid 07 “Axidentally”. He is currently working with the young singer-songwriter Philipp Trojer and with the well-known singer "Graziano" (German pop-folk).

Marco wrote music for Italian and Austrian TV, tracks for commercials and trailers, and soundtracks for many European documentary-films. He also collaborates with international production music libraries. He is a extremely versatile composer, and he likes to combine orchestral scores with ethnic instruments and rock elements. His specialty is to write great melodic themes.

For many years Marco has been member of a group of “Improvisational theatre”. The improvisers (usually 3-4 actors and one musician) use suggestions from the audience as they create a show combining different tecniques (dialogs, songs etc). He learnt a lot about drama from scoring scenes ex-tempore with this ensemble. This experience is still very valuable for his work as film-music composer. Because of his love and deep understanding of theatre, he is often asked to write tunes for comedies and various theatre projects. He himself has been on stage in many of these productions as pianist. Recently he has been touring in his Region for two years with a new comedy-show in duo with actor Thomas Hochkofler, his main partner for cabaret.

As a classical musician, Marco Facchin collaborated with celebrated artists (James David Christie, Dan Pinkham, Dan Laurin, Helmut Rilling, Max van Egmond, John Finney, Susanne Ryden, Robin Blaze, Gemma Bertagnolli, Claudio Astronio).
In 1997 he won the “Prix de la presse” at the International Bach Organ Competition in Lausanne. He played in many Early Music recordings, both as soloist and as basso-continuo player. Marco Facchin is artistic director of the Early Music festival “Antiqua” in Bolzano, Italy.